Dinner and a movie Spring ’18

Remember Cash for Clunkers? Well, in the spirit of providing a great meal and entertainment deal this Spring 2018, we will continue our dinner and a movie special.

Starting  May 15,  and ending June 1, those seated prior to 6:00 p.m. nightly will receive a free movie ticket** to the Magic Lantern Cinemas.

Come in early and enjoy a meal with us.  We’ll have you out in time for the movie with a full belly and free movie admission in hand.

**Tickets available with purchases of  $25.00 or more. Patrons must be seated prior to 6:00.  Tickets not available with other promotions or gift certificates. Movie tickets are not refundable for cash, but can be used instead to receive $8.00 off your next visit to the Ketchum Grill. Movie tickets expire 6/1/2018

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