The Ketchum Grill staff is dedicated, hard working, diverse and fun. Many of the staff have been with the Grill for years, come from different country’s, or return seasonally from college or travels. If you’ve never been to the Grill you’ll find a professional, hard working team. If you been with us before then you are sure to see familiar faces when you join us again.

In the kitchen

You probably won’t see the majority of our kitchen crew during a typical evening at the Grill. But working alongside Scott, Anne and Daniel in the Grill’s kitchen are a dedicated group of cooks, prep-cooks, and dishwashers without whom the Grill wouldn’t run. We honor their work and passion for doing the hard work behind the scenes to ensure the highest quality, best tasting food in the Valley.

In the dining room and behind the bar

We’re proud of our dining room staff too! They are a diverse, knowledgeable, and dedicated group. Hosts, bussers, bartenders, and service people all work hard to see each and every guest has what they need.

Over the years the Ketchum Grill has had staff from all over the world. We’ve employed high schoolers who return year after year through their college summers and vacations. And of course, we have a core of committed staff who have been with us for years.

About Our Team