Scott Mason

Founder, Owner, and Chef

Scott started out where all great restaurateurs begin, at the bottom – bussing tables and washing dishes. But also like them, he didn’t stay there for long. Over his 44 year career Scott has done it all; cooking along side master chefs, apprenticing in the kitchens of France, leading daily menu creation, and so much more. In addition to his being creative force behind the Ketchum Grill, he is the author of numerous articles, an expert in local wild mushrooms, an accomplished wine steward, and even provides Valley residents with the “food tip of the week” on local radio station, KECH.

It is no surprise that in 1997 The American Dairy Counsel selected Scott to be one of their Premiere Chefs of America spokes people.

Fun and Education

Born and raised in Eugene, Oregon Scott’s first job as a busboy at a local Steak House. This quickly became a stepping stone to the kitchen. “The guys in the kitchen were having a lot more fun…” Enjoyment for his work coupled with an expanding education and then appreciation of food traditions, combinations and presentation that flowered into a full-blown passion in his life. Scott’s desire to learn led him to the North Bank and then to the Trawler. “They were not “nose in the air” French places but they had good concepts and I learned.”

After college, Scott headed Santa Barbara, California where he landed his first “real” cooking job, actually two of them. The first, at the prestigious “Norbert’s” and along side German Master Chef, Norbert Schultz, and the second at the well know San Ysidro Ranch.

Unexpected Outcomes

While working in two of California’s finest restaurants Scott made an unexpected third discovery…his wife! Anne Little was San Ysidro’s Pastry Chef at the time, “I was in heaven, I worked for great places, and I just met a girl who liked me and made sweet things too.”

Scott eventually became Norbert’s sous chef and right hand man. Scott recruited Anne to be Norbert’s Pastry chef and together they partnered with Norbert to open two other restaurants in three years; Brigittes, and Oysters.

Scott and Anne were married and headed to Europe to eat their way through their honeymoon. After three months they returned and Scott became the head Chef of Alessia Restaurant in Marin County. Under the tutelage Guido Piccinini, a 30 year veteran of Italian kitchens, Scott mastered another regional philosophy of preparation and presentation.

From Freddy’s to France to the Ketchum Grill

In 1989 Scott, Anne and their first child, Adelaide moved to Sun Valley where Scott became the Chef at Alsatian restaurant, Freddys Taverne D’Alsace. Because of the seasonal nature of Freddy’s, Scott also became the lead chef at well-regarded Soupçon. Seeing Scott’s talent and enthusiasm for food, Alfred Fehlmann (Freddy) arranged for Scott to apprentice in four different French/Alsatian restaurants in Paris and Alsace, France; two of them with Michelin stars. “It was a huge commitment (both for Freddy and me) and sacrifice for my family but one that paid off and changed my life.”

In 1991, Scott and Anne (along with Richkor Inc.) purchased Freddy’s Taverne D’ Alsace at the historic Ed Williams House and – with Freddy’s blessing – re-opened as the Ketchum Grill.

From the Trail to the Kitchen

Scott’s career in food and community has been a long and winding journey, along an interesting and unique trail. Throughout he has been an eager forager bringing what is best from the Trail to the Table.

Sometimes that trail is literally here, in hills and forests of Sun Valley, picking wild Porcini and Morels or finding the season’s best produce and specialty items from the market. From the Trail to the Table is also about education, travel, honoring of ancient traditions, while embracing and learning from the diverse food cultures of the world. Wherever the trail leads Scott his commitment to bringing innovative, great tasting food to the table remains his passion.

Scott continues to guide the Ketchum Grill with this dedication and hard work and with an abundant gratitude for our extraordinary local community and environment.

About Our Team

Early Memories:

At his grandmothers side, Scott remembers helping with the family breakfasts aided by a cast iron skillet and a step stool. Though the tools of his trade have changed somewhat, his interest then, as it is now, is to make food that tastes good. He has spent over 30 years refining his craft, expanding his palette and always feeding people, “food that tastes good.