About Us

For 26+ years “The Grill” has become a must-have destination meal for seasonal visitors and a welcome gathering spot full-time residents up and down the Valley. Located in the historic Ed Williams House built in 1885, on the corner of East Avenue and Fifth Street, The Grill receives continued accolades, including being selected one of the “eight best Ski town restaurants” by Snow Country Magazine with “food rivaling Manhattan’s best”. The Ketchum Grill was founded in 1991 and is an extension of Scott and Anne Mason’s hard work and creative talents in the kitchen. But it is even more. It also represents what is best in “American Cuisine” – local and seasonal richness combined with their passion for food throughout the world, great service, atmosphere, and most of all the community of sharing a meal with one another.  Open seven nights a week at 5:00 pm, you’ll find house-made breads and desserts, fruit-wood grilled meats, Idaho  venison and lamb, fish, small pizzas, seasonal variety, nightly specials and an awarding winning wine list and great selection of micro-brews.

The Grill’s Special Magic

Historic location, great atmosphere and amazing food and wine will only get you so far. The final touch on the Grill Magic is its staff, network of purveyors, friends and suppliers. Led by the Valley’s best team including, Chef de Cuisine Daniel Pastick and Floor Manager Patricia Anderson, every person along the way plays a vital role in making the Ketchum Grill a place you want to visit again and again.

About Our Team

Ketchum Grill Founders Scott and Anne Mason at
2008 Vin Italy Conference